Chef Rob Santello’s Return from Jamrock (2/24/20)


Monday, February 24 @ 6:30pm

Hands-On Class (approx. 2.5 hours)

If you know Chef Rob, you know his affinity for Jamaica. Join Chef Rob Santello as he comes back from Jamaica still on a high from celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday. Think brown stew fish, jerk pork sausages, conch fritters, coco bread to name a few. Jamaica could be considered a “melting-pot” for both its people and its food: a Caribbean cultural fusion. Like America, it is a nation of immigrants that came together to create this fusion. You’re going to feel at ease, chill, and proud, just as Chef does, when preparing these killer bites. “Some people in the kitchen don’t smile. That food can’t be nice.”

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