Meat-Centric Father’s Day Cookery (6/12/19)


Wednesday, June 12 @ 6:30pm

Hands-On Class (approx. 2.5 hours)

We know, we know, Summer = Grill Season. Now is your chance to expand beyond the horizons of pre-seasoned chicken and Bubba’s Burgers! This class will be an ode to meats cooked best in your backyard. While we only have stovetop burners here at Heirloom, all recipes can also be cooked on your home (or coal-fired) grill. We will focus on where to find the best cuts of meat, adding tried and true seasoning combos, and cooking them to perfection (with some early summer veggies on the side). Come hungry to bite into a delicious, juicy Pat LaFrieda Dry Aged Burger and ready to show ‘em what you got.

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