Middle Eastern Brunch (1/23/22)


Sunday, January 23 @ 11am

Hands-On Class (approx. 2.5 hours)

Today we bring you a spread of all-around healthy fare that’s frequently vegetable based, heart warming spices, and delicious finger food meant for the whole family to share. It’s Middle Eastern comfort food — lots of fresh produce, herbs and olive oil. Ranging from Moroccan classics, to Greek seafood, and Israeli/ Palestinian dips and spreads; meals like this resemble diversity and togetherness through food culture.

Learn about the staples of traditional middle eastern cooking in this class with Chef Zachary Abramzon.Dishes may include but not limited to Smashed Fried Eggs with Baba ganoush and Tabouli, Labneh with Brown Butter, Spicy Zhoug, Lafa, and Ras El Hanout French Toast with Tahini Maple Syrup.

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